Thomas Karlsohn

Professor at Department of History of Science and Ideas

+4618-471 7287
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3P

Postal address:
Box 629
751 26 UPPSALA

Thomas Karlsohn is professor of History of Ideas and Science. He is the director of the departments PhD-programme. Karlsohn’s research interests include the history of the university and higher education, the history of philosophy (above all hermeneutics, romanticism and German idealism), the concept of Bildung and the so called canon-debate. In recent years, Karlsohn has taken an interest in research on secularisation. He has been awarded prizes for his research.

Karlsohn serves on the board of the Faculty of Education at Uppsala university. He is the representative of Uppsala university at the national Swedish think tank for the arts and humanities, Humtank. Karlsohn is a member of the managing body of Higher Education as a Research Object (HERO), a network for interdisciplinary research on higher education. He is also a working member of The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Uppsala (KVSU), member of the board of The Society for University and Student History in Uppsala and member of the board of the Anders Karitz Foundation. Karlsohn serves on the advisory board for Lychnos: Årsbok för idé- och lärdomshistoria, the leading Swedish journal (yearbook) for history of ideas and science. He often publishes reviews, articles and translations in Swedish media.

Thomas Karlsohn defended his PhD thesis in 2005 at the University of Gothenburg. He was appointed associate professor in 2010, and from 2014 to 2019 he held a tenured position as senior lecturer at Uppsala university. Karlsohn was appointed professor in 2019.

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Thomas Karlsohn