Cecilia Pahlberg

Professor at Department of Business Studies

Visiting address:
Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, ingång C
751 20 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

Academic merits: PhD, Docent

Cecilia Pahlberg is associate professor at the Department of Business Studies. She teaches courses in international business at both undergraduate and graduate level. Further, she is a thesis advisor at the undergraduate, master and doctoral levels. She has received rewards for excellent teaching from Uppsala university and from Uppsalaekonomerna.

Cecilia Pahlberg's research interests concern headquarters-subsidiary relationships in multinational firms, the impact from cultural differences as well as organizational learning. She is also interested in the transfer of management practices across countries and was for a number of years executive secretary for the EU-financed project "Creation of European Management Practice". Her most recent research projects concerns the relationship between small firms and political actors within the European Union and the impact from socio-political actors on multinationals in emerging markets.

She has also been involved in the administration at the Department of Business Studies, 1998-2000 as Director of Studies and 2005-2007 as responsible for the undergraduate program. She has a specific interest in quality development and has for more than a decade been a member of Quality Committees at the department, faculty and university level.

Further, Cecilia Pahlberg is a member of several organisations collaborating with the university. She is for instance secretary in the Uppsala branch of SNS - Centre for Business and Policy Studies -an independent network of leading decision makers from the private and public sectors, and a board member of IPF (Institutet för Personal och Företagsutveckling). The municipality of Uppsala awards every year a limited number of bachelor and master theses, and Cecilia Pahlberg is a member of the committee selecting these. Further, as inspector for the largest student nation in Uppsala, Norrlands nation, she has continuous contacts with a large number of students.

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Cecilia Pahlberg