Margaretha Fahlgren

Professor emeritus at Department of Literature and Rhetoric

+4618-471 2953
018-471 6187
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 P

Postal address:
Box 632
751 26 UPPSALA

In 2003 Margareta Fahlgren became the director and research director of the Centre for Gender Research. In 2007 the Swedish Research Council named the Centre a Centre of Gender Excellence, and Margareta Fahlgren is now leading the five-year project Nature/Culture Boundaries and Transgressive Encounters, the purpose of which is to create an internationally prominent research environment with empirical research and theoretical reflection on how gender is constructed in the interface between cultural and natural science.

Her current research deals with emotionality and masculinity in contemporary political autobiographies. She is a Nordic partner in the Norwegian research programme Conflicts and Negotiations. Gender and aesthetic value in modern art, film and literature.
Margaretha Fahlgren has worked at the national level with renewal and academic leadership and written about women and leadership. Her literary research comprises both investigations of individual authors and genre studies.

From 1999 to June 2008 she was Dean of the Faculty of Arts and between 2006 and 2008 was a member of the University Board at Uppsala University.

She is a member of the Board of National Centre for Knowledge on Men’s Violence Against Women and Deputy Chair of the Board at Gävle University College and Chair of the Programme Council for CNDS, Centre for Natural Disasters.

Short CV

Professor in Comparative Literature 2000

Dean for the Faculty of Arts 1999-2008

Vice-rector for the Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences 2008-2014

Director for the Centre for Gender Research 2003-2011

Project leader for the Excellence program GenNa (Gender/Nature/Culture and Transgressive Encounters), funded by the Swedish Research Council 2007-2012

Vice chairman of the board for Gävle University College 2007-2013

Chairman of the board of CNDS (Centre for natural disasters) 2010-2014

Member of the University Board at Karlstad University 2013-

Teaching Interests

Women´s literary history, literary theory, cross disciplinary perspectives

Research Interests

Masculinities, political autobiographies, gender and aestethic value

Work in Progress

Emotions and masculinity in contemporary political autobiographies. Nordic research partner in the Norwegian research program “Conflicts and Negotiations. Gender and aestethic value in modern art, film and literature”.

Selected Publications

”Pionjären Emilia Fogelklou” i Emilia Fogelklou läst idag. Nio essäer, Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien 2010

“Strindberg and the Woman Question”, i The Cambridge Companion to August Strindberg, Cambridge University Press 2009

“Modernity and Gender” i Emigrant Literature and Emigrated Authors. The Nordic Countries in a World Perspective, Panozzo Editore, 2007

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Margaretha Fahlgren