Bengt Lindgren

Professor emeritus at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Materials Physics

Mobile phone:
+46 70 5664162
Visiting address:
Room Å:62401 Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Postal address:
Box 516
751 20 UPPSALA


  • Magnetism in thin films, multilayers and heterostructures.
  • Nuclear probe techniques within Materials physics.
  • DVM, LDA Molecular/Cluster calculations.


  • Measuring Techniques (sensors, electronics, interfaces, data analyses)

Selected publications

  • µSR: Low temperature pressure dependence of the muon hyperfine fields in Iron, Cobalt and Nickel. J.Mag.Mater. 67(1987)130 (Authors: B.Lindgren, O.Hartmann, E.Karlsson, R.Wäppling, A.Yaouanc, T.Butz, L.Asch and G.M.Kalvius)
  • PAC: Cobalt / copper multilayers studied by perturbed g-g angular correlation spectroscopy. Surf.Sci. 355 (1996) 47 (Authors: R.Fink, B.Lindgren, Pan Min and M.Semple)
  • Theory: EFGs on Surfaces - Experiment and Theory. Z. Naturforschung 57a (2002) 544 (Author: B. Lindgren)
  • SR: Nuclear resonant spectroscopy at Bragg reflections from periodic multilayers: Basic effects and applications. Phys.Rev. B72 (2005) 125422 (Authors: M.A. Andreeva and B. Lindgren)
  • EDU: Measurement Techniques on Distance Using a web Browser. CAL-laborate, Oct. 2001 (vol. 7) p. 21-23, (Author: B. Lindgren) (web version

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Bengt Lindgren