Mats Bratteby

Coordinator at Faculty Offices, Office for Humanities and Social Sciences; Study Counsellors and School Placement Coordinators for Teacher Training Programs

+4618-471 7641
Mobile phone:
+46 70 4250938
Visiting address:
von Kraemers allé 1 A
757 37 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 2136
750 02 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Internship coordinator of the teacher programs. My responsibility is to representing Uppsala University in various issues related to teaching practice (VFU). Leading and developing various aspects of the VFU. I am working for the students, the course leaders and the supervisors. I have a special responsibility for VFU placements abroad. My background is as a university lecturer with a focus on PE, health, movement and outdoor education at Uppsala University.

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Mats Bratteby