Elena Namli

Professor at Department of Theology, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion

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Elena Namli is Professor of Ethics at the Faculty of Theology (Uppsala University). She is President of Societas Ethica (2021-2024). Societas Ethica

Her publications include Future(s) of the Revolution and the Reformation (Palgrave 2019), Etik (Lund 2019), Human Rights as Ethics, Politics, and Law (Uppsala 2014), Mänskliga rättigheter i det offentliga Sverige (Studentlitteratur, Lund 2017).

See also a short presentation in Swedish https://media.medfarm.uu.se/play/kanal/515/video/9741

Elena Namli is Professor of Ethics at the Faculty of Theology, and one of the three research directors at UCRS Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, both at Uppsala University. Her research interests include ethical theory, theological ethics, human rights, Sharia law and human rights law.

Elena Namli's current major project is entitled Human Rights as Ethics, Politics and Law. This project questions traditional Western conceptions of human rights and aims to provide an ethical analysis of contemporary human rights discourse with particular regard to its communicative aspects. Her other project, Social Ethics and the Russian Orthodox Tradition, examines the Russian Orthodox Church’s involvement in Russian politics and aims to suggest a critical analysis from a theological perspective.

Elena Namli is one of the founders of a two-year Master’s Program in Human Rights (in Swedish) at the Faculty of Theology and currently teaches a course entitled Rights in Conflict at the Stockholm School of Theology. She also teaches Ethics at the Faculty of Theology and supervises several doctoral dissertations (in Ethics).

At UCRS Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, she leads an ambitious team of researchers who focus on processes that characterize Russia’s new, social and cultural identity (Identity Formation). The results of the team’s research have been published extensively in prominent international journals.

Professor Namli is fluent in Russian, Swedish and English and has published work in all three languages. Her most recent publications include Power and Legitimacy - Challenges from Russia and Religion och Politik i Ryssland, for which she was both contributor and co-editor.

For more information please visit www.elenanamli.com.

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Elena Namli