Pia Lindberg

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory, Molecular Biomimetics; Microbial Chemistry

+4618-471 6587
Visiting address:
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
75120 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 523
75120 Uppsala

I am a senior lecturer at Microbial Chemistry, Chemistry – Ångström, Uppsala University, where I lead a group working on engineering photosynthetic microorganisms, cyanobacteria, for carbon-neutral production of chemicals and fuels. In the course of this work, we also investigate the native metabolism of the cyanobacterial model organisms, especially pathways that may be useful for hydrocarbon production.

I am also involved in teaching on undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry and biochemistry.

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Pia Lindberg