Mats Eriksson

Associate professor at Department of Surgical Sciences, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

Mobile phone:
+46 76 1333818+351 925 511101
Visiting address:
Akademiska sjukhuset, ingång 70, 1tr
751 85 Uppsala
Postal address:
Akademiska sjukhuset, ingång 70, 1tr
751 85 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Affiliate Professor NOVA Medical School, New University of Lisbon, Portugal

Associate Professor of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care 1997

Doctor in Medical Sciences (Forensic Medicine) 1987

Specialist in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care 1984

Research at Uppsala University´s Medical Faculty has always been very crucial for me.

Being an associate professor of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine allowed me to be a tutor for colleagues and to guide within research. Two colleagues have completed their dissertations under my mentorship and I have co-mentored another three dissertating colleagues.

Mu research has focused on experimental sepsis and especially on the interface between inflammation and coagulation. During the last years, the field of intraosseous needles has also been an interesting and challenging topic.

I have several times been invited speaker at international conferences in several continents.

Senior adviser and member of Aptahem´s scientific board (Malmö) and also medical monitor at Clinical Trial Consultants, Uppsala.

2017 Swedish military combat training for international mission. Military mission in Mali; Captain in the Swedish Armed Forces; Ranger.

2016 - National coordinator and investigator in an international multicentre pharmaceutical investigation, BBEH1408-HC1408.

I have several years of experience of work within the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on research.

At Nordic Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine meetings 1995 and 1999, international research contests, the “Radiometer-competition” were held. 1995 I received second prize and 1999, I received third and fourth prizes.

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Mats Eriksson