Margareta Sanner

Associated Researcher at Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Health Services Research

+4618-471 6635
Mobile phone:
+46 73 4697612
Visiting address:
BMC, Husarg. 3

Postal address:
Box 564
751 22 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Psychologist, PhD, associate professor, Research primarily in transplantation activities from psychological, sociological and ethical perspectives. Also research in directly death related issues such as peoples ideas and reactions on death, death criteria, funerals, procedures on dead bodies etcetera.


Research related to death. Studies of people's ideas and reactions of death, death criteria, and procedures with the dead body such as sorgan donation, autopsy, anatomic dissection and funerals. This field is the most extensive.

Research related to incorporation. Studies of people's ideas and experiences ofr receiving in one's bodyorgans and tissue of different origins, and also allowing vaccines into the body.

Research related to donation of organs and tissue in life. Studies of people's ideas and experiences of giving away to other people parts of one's own body.

An ongoing project focusses on how people with cronic illnesses live with these and what ideas are at the core of their experiences.

These studies are based on qualitative interviews and questionnaires to the population at large and a diversity of subgroups of patients, personnel, professionals, and students. The empirical data are interpreted in terms of psychological, sociological and ethical theories.


Teaching psychology ; kursledare i research ethics, med fak; lärare in medicine and psychology; föreläsare in qualitative methods.


Expert in 5 governments committees on education and medicine.

Board member in Ethics Committees, Associations of Science, partsammansatta Committees, och Union Associations.


Awards: Ragnar Berfenstams pris 1990, Thuréus-priset 1992, Folkert Belzer Award 2001; Honorary Member of The Gift of Life, 2010. Honorary Member of the Swedish Association of Psychologists. Reviews of about 40 papers in scientific, international journals and about 10 grant applications. Speech at about 20 international conferences and symposia. Supervision of about 20 psychologist and master students and doctoral students in psychology, social medicine and public helath.

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