Ulf Göransson

Professor at Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Research; Pharmacognosy

+4618-471 5031
Mobile phone:
+46 73 4697715
Visiting address:
Room D3:4 BMC, Husargatan 3
75124 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 591
75124 Uppsala

Short presentation

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Min forskning är inriktad mot peptiders biologi och kemi, med speciellt fokus på cykliska och antimikrobiella peptider.

Länk till min forskargrupp: http://www.ilk.uu.se/research/fkog_en/peptide-chemical-biology/

Keywords: mass spectrometry peptides natural products pharmacognosy circular proteins phytochemistry peptide synthesis antimicrobial peptides plant peptides

Ulf Göransson obtained his PhD in 2002 (Uppsala University, Dept Pharmacy, Div Pharmacognosy) on a theses focussing on the discovery of a new family of circular plant peptides, named cyclotides. He did his Post Doc in the Structural Biology laboratory of Prof David J. Craik at the Institute of Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland, before returning to Uppsala in 2004. His laboratory focus on the discovery of biologically active peptides from plants and animals; the development of novel techniques for synthesis of ultra stable peptide structures; and design of antimicrobial peptides. The Göransson lab maintains state of the art equipment for peptide analysis, synthesis and biological assays. His international network includes leading expertise in the synthesis and structural determination of peptides.

Göransson obtained an Assistant Professorship from the Swedish Research Council (Biotechnology) in 2008, and became an Associate Professor in 2011, and Full Professor in 2014. His research has attracted substantial external funding from e.g. the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

Link to the Göransson Group homepage at the Div of Pharmacognosy: http://www.ilk.uu.se/research/fkog_en/peptide-chemical-biology/

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Ulf Göransson