Magnus Hellqvist

Part-time fixed-term lecturer at Department of Human Geography

Visiting address:
Ekonomikum, Kyrkogårdsgatan 10

Postal address:
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

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Positions (excluding PhD-position)

University positions, 1999-f.f.

* Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, 2009-f.f.. Teaching, scientific research, director of Bachelor program in Earth Sciences, course responsibility etc.

* Study counsellor (studievägledare) at Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University. From 2008-2009. The assignments for the position are: study councellor for students in Earth Sciences; teaching Earth Science in generally and Quaternary geology / Physical geography in particular; information work internal to the Department and external to the surrounding society and schools. At present the position is divided into 75% study councellor / teaching / information work and 25% scientific research (personal grant from The Knowledge foundation (KK-stiftelsen).

* Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, Högskolan Dalarna, 2001-2008. Teaching, scientific research, reasponsible for Geography and Physical Geography, director of Geography in teachers program, course responsibility etc.

* Deputy university lector in Quaternary geology, Institution of Earth Science, Uppsala University, 1999- 2000.

Other previous positions (relevant positions), 1986-2007

Geology, 1990-1999

1) Traniee, as Quaternary geologist at Swedish Geological Survey (SGU), 15/6-15/7-1990. The work was mainly Quaternary geology maping, soil sampling and coring. Supervied by förste statsgeolog Christer Persson or statsgeolog Gunnar Berg.

2) Quaternary geologist at SGU, 9/6-2/9-1992. Work as described above. Responsible in field was förste statsgeolog Christer Persson och byråinjengör Björn-Erik Holmgren.

3) Quaternary geologist at SGU, 21/6-19/7 samt 30/7-3/9-1993. Work as described above. Responsible in field was förste statsgeolog Christer Persson, förste statsgeolog Sven I Svantesson and byråingenjör Björn-Erik holmgren.

4) Quaternary geologist at SGU, 29/5-28/7-1995. Work as described above. Responsible in field statsgeolog Johan Norrlin and förste statsgeolog Christer Persson, also förste statsgeolog Sven I Svantesson.

5) Quaternary geologist at SGU, 28/5-14/6-1996. Work as described above. Responsible in field statsgeolog Johan Norrlin and statsgeolog Christer Persson.

6) Quaternary geologist at SGU, 1/11-31/12 1998, samt 11/1-1/9 1999. Work as described above together with database work and work with aerphoto to prepare the field work.

Archaeology, 1986-2007

1) Trainee, as archaeologist at National Heritage Board, local excavating office UV-Uppsala. Excavation during the building of Europe road E18, lokal Tibble, Enköping, 19860501-1030. The work was excavating and documentation. Responsible Doc. Eva Hjärtner-Holdar, today at GAL in Uppsala.

2) Trainee student in exchange between Institution of Archaeology at Uppsala university and Royal Scientific Academy in Prague, with excavations in Tjechoslovakia, July 1989.

3) Archaeologist at National Heritage Board, local excavating office UV-Uppsala. At excavations for the building of Alsike stad i Alsike, 19910610-1121. Archaeological excavation work and documentation.

4) Archaeologist at Societas Archaeologica Upsaliensis, excatating office In Uppsala. At excavations for the building of Gamla Uppsala museum, 19980501-0630. Archaeological excavation work and documentation.

5) Archaeologist and speicalist/geologist at National Heritage board, local excavating office UV-Uppsala, during excavations on road building project (E18) in Nibble outside Enköping, south central Sweden. Among ordinary work as excavating, I was also working with soil mapping and work with/analyse of sampled soils. 20070801-09-30.

§ Examine

* Philosophy Doctor, in Quaternary geology 1999-03-19, Institute of Earth Science, Uppsala university. Urban and Rural Environments from Iron Age to Medieval Time in Northern Europe – evidence from fossil insect remains from south-eastern Sweden and Novgorod, Russia. Uppsala University, 1999. Opponent: Lecturer Paul Buckland, Sheffield University. Handledare är Prof. Lars-König Königsson, Doc. Geoffrey Lemdahl och Prof. Christine Dahl.

* Philosophy Licentiate, in Quaternary geology 1996-04-24, Institute of Earth Science, Uppsala university. Opponent: Prof. Bo W. Svensson. Handledare är Prof. Lars-König Königsson, Doc. Geoffrey Lemdahl och Prof. Christine Dahl.

* Undergraduate degree in Archaeology and Quaternary geology 1992-05-04. Accepted to Research school and “doktorandtjänst” at Institution of Earth Science, Quaternary geology, 19920130. Main supervisor Prof. Lars-König Königsson, Method supervisor Doc. Geoffrey Lemdahl and extra supervisor Prof. Christine Dahl.

§ Postdoc. Grant.

Situated at National museum of Iceland in Reykjavik fr.o.m. 1/11 2000 t.o.m. 1/7 2001. The grant was from STINT (Stiftelsen för internationalisering av högre utbildning och forskning). The work was interdisciplinary, mainly investigating samples from excavations in icelandic Viking Age and Early Medieveal houses at Bessastadir, Keldur, Hofstadir in Garðabær, Reykjavik, Breidavik and Eriksstadir. The samples was processed at Science institute (University of Iceland) in Reykjavik, reference collection was situated at Institute of Natural history in Reykjavik. The Natinal museum was my host and main working place. Contact at the National museum was: Guðmundur Ólafsson.

Commission / member etc.

* Member of Uppsala universitets Tekniskt-Naturvetenskapliga universitetspedagogiska råd TUR. Från november 2012.

* Member of evaluation committee for PhD thesis at Umeå University in May 2007, Department of Archaeology, Environmental Archaeology Lab. (MAL). Thesis: Phil Buckland, "The Development and Implementation of Software for Palaeoenvironmental and Palaeoclimatological Research: The Bugs Coleopteran Ecology Package (BugsCEP)".

* Coordinator for Nordic Network (NordForsk), 2005-2007. This involves administration of economy, arranging meetings, symposia and workshops etc. The responsibility for the network was moved to Iceland when it was prolonged in 2008-2009 on my recommendations.

* Secondary supervisor to PhD-student Fredrik Olsson at University of Kalmar, disputation in May 2009. Primarily supervisor is Doc. Geoffrey Lemdahl, University of Kalmar.

* From spring 2004, member of the Scientific research counsel for pedagogic research at Dalarna University.

* Member of Boards for planning and development of teacher’s education programs.

* From 2005-2006, member of the Board of education- and research in the Teachers education.

* 2004 and onwards engagement in the part of the union working especially for geologists as President of the Geologist Section of Swedish Association of Scientists, I have increased my network with the geological society in Sweden. Secretary 1991-1997 and student member 1989-1990 in the same organisation. More information on this in the document “Other merits”.

§ Distinctions and evaluation of pedagogical work

* By students of the Teachers program at Dalarna university in Falun, shoosen to the years best teacher 2003. The price is called “Gyllene Pekpinnen” and was by that time presented in December 2003.

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Magnus Hellqvist