Marie Linton

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Law, Professors, Instructors, Researchers

+4618-471 2018
Visiting address:
Trädgårdsgatan 1 och 20, Västra Ågatan 26

Postal address:
Box 512
751 20 UPPSALA

Dr. LLD Marie Linton is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University, and President of the Swedish Association of Comparative Law since 2004. The focus of her research interest lies primarily in private international law, including procedural issues, comparative law, and consumer law. She is currently conducting a research project which focuses on transfrontier procedural issues with special regard to the legal status of foreign judgments and other decisions in another state. She has published in Sweden and abroad in journals and edited books on primarily issues on private international law and international civil procedure, as well as matters relating to university education. She has served as an Adjunct Member of the Svea Court of Appeal in Stockholm.

LL.M., Uppsala Univeristy, Sweden, 1994).
LL.D., Uppsala University, Sweden, 2002).
Chairman of the Swedish Society for Comparative Law Research (2004-).
Associate Professor of Private International Law and Procedure (2009).
Co-opted member of the Court of Appeal (2008-2009).
Elected member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (2012-).
Member of the Nordic Group of Private International Law (2002-).

Internal Appointments

Member of the Faculty of Law Research Committee (2014-).
Host of the doctoral candidate Liudmila Vedernikova, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus (2016-2017).
Chairman of Uppsala University Scholarship Board (2016-).

External appointments

Expert in the EU European Judicial Training Network (2011, 2013 and 2014).
National Reporter in the EU project European Research Network (2004-2007).
Expert and National Rapporteur on EU project Brussels I Regulation A - Remedies (2016-).
Analyst for the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Swedish Consumer Agency (2002).
Contract education within international private and procedural law (VJS and Courts Administration).
Keynote speaker, moderator, or panelist at numerous conferences in Sweden.


von Bahr premium for especially meritorious dissertation (2003).
Karnov Prize (2003), for the doctoral thesis.
Almén Scholarship (2002), for the doctoral thesis.

International experience

Lecturer, chairman or panelist at numerous conferences abroad.
Member of the steering committee for the Nordic Group of Private International Law.
Conference organiser within the EU project DE JURE and the European Research Network. Organiser of expert group meetings.
Organiser (on behalf of SIDA) of a seminar on international legal assistance in Hanoi, Vietnam (1999).
Longer research stays at the University of Saarbruecken, Germany, and at the Istituto Universitario Europeo, Italy.
Lectures in Sweden, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Areas of interest

International private and procedural law as well as its interaction with national and international law, comparative law research, national sentences moveability across the borders.

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Marie Linton