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Keywords: nicholas of stoudios bhg 1365 michael eneman magnus troilius marco de broen paul strassburg (strassburgk) israel nesselius olaus petri niurenius (laplandia)

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I am preparing critical editions of:

The Life of St. Nicholas of Stoudios BHG 1365 (as a PhD thesis in Byzantine studies)

Also of:

Michael Eneman (1676–1714): Travel journal (in Swedish), in three parts, 1709–1714 (full version in Swedish) with the Notebook, Short note about the ancient monuments in Constantinople 1710 ("En kårt anteckning och anmärkning på de öfwerblefne gamle monumenterne i Constantinopel, sådane, som de nu, åhr 1710, i Junio finnas".

Paul Strassburg [or Strassburgk] (1595–1654): Diplomatic report of a Swedish embassy to the Sublime porte in 1634 (in Latin "Succincta relatio de Byzantino itinere ac negotiis in Ottomanica aula peractis".

Magnus Troilius (1704–1762): Travel journal (in Swedish), 1736–1739.

Marco de Broen (second half of the 17th century): Travel journal (in German) with the Album of drawings. de Broen was a Dutch merchant and amateur draughtsman from Amsterdam. He travelled in the Levant in the 1670s. An extensive portion of the travel journal (the part covering Constantinople) and a reproduction of the prospect (panorama) of Constantinople from the album of drawings will be published in a forthcoming article "Marco de Broen's description and panorama of Constantinople (1672)".

Israel Nesselius, Speech in Greek to king Fredrik I delivered on 21 March 1721, from the manuscript Uppsala, UUB, cod. Graecus 65 (Upsaliensis Gr. 65, "Oratio graeca in festo jubil. Upsala, 1721").

Olaus Petri Niurenius, Laplandia seu Descriptio orbis illius Arctoi, quem in remotissima Scandiae seu Sveciæ parte l.appi inhabitant (ca. 1640).

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