Karin Svensberg

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Pharmacy, Social Pharmacy

+4618-471 4305
Visiting address:
Room BMC A3:3 Biomedicinskt Centrum BMC, Husargatan 3
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 580
751 23 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I am a pharmacist from the University of Uppsala, with a PhD degree in Social Pharmacy from the University of Oslo. My research interest are within 1) Patient‐Pharmacist Communication 2) Patient’s perceptive on medicine use 3) Pharmacy education and pharmacy practice research. As a teacher I want to arouse students' interest and curiosity in learning for the rest of their professional lives. Thereby our pharmacy students can contribute to a better use of medicines in our society.

Keywords: health communication qualitative research medicine use pharmacy education research pharmacy practice patient perspective


”Vad är viktigt för dig?” Swedish Pharmaceutical Society (Apotekarsocieteten).



  • Associate Professor, Oslo Met, Norway, 2018-2019
  • Assistant Professor. Engagement on a special project: "Together in Practice” (SamPraks)-An interprofessional education activity. University of Oslo. 2018
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, Research group PharmaSafe, University of Oslo, Norway, 2017- 2018
  • Ph.D student, University of Oslo, Norway, 2012-2017
  • Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacy, Oslo, Norway, 2011-2012
  • Ph.D. School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo, 2012-2017. Title of the thesis: Facilitators and Barriers to Pharmacists' Patient Communication: The Pharmacist Profession,the Regulatory Framework, and the Pharmacy Undergraduate Education.(https://www.duo.uio.no/handle/10852/57081)
  • M.Sc.Pharm. 300 ECTS, University of Uppsala, 2006-2011

My research is designed to help pharmacists and students to adopt new practice tools and ways of practice, for example by introducing communication skills tools to support better medicine use. I use both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Research interest are within 1) Patient‐Pharmacist Communication e.g. medicine use and how we communicate about it 2) Patient’s perceptive on medicine use e.g. how patients experience using medicine and its impact on their lives 3) Pharmacy education and pharmacy practice research.

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Karin Svensberg