Vassilios Kapaklis

Professor at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Materials Physics

+4618-471 3522
Visiting address:
Room Å:61414 Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Postal address:
Box 516
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Vassilios Kapaklis leads a group with a strong focus on magneto-photonics and the emergent magnetic order and dynamics of mesoscopic spin systems. The resulting materials and nano-structures have a potential for becoming functional components in future energy-efficient memory and computational architectures. The research is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the European Commission, the Swedish Research Council, STINT and the Carl-Tryggers Foundation.

Keywords: magnetism nanostructures magnetoplasmonics nanotechnology nanomagnetic systems magnetization dynamics scattering artificial spin ice magneto-photonics

  • Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, Greece, 2000.
  • PhD in Engineering Sciences, University of Patras, Greece, 2006.
  • Docent in Physics with Specialisation in Atomic, Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics. Uppsala University, Sweden, 2013.
  • Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2014.
  • Professor in Materials Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2022.

Scientific interests:

  1. Growth and systhesis of materials: Sputtering, MBE, e-beam evaporation, solid state chemistry
  2. Magneto-Plasmonics
  3. Magnetism
  4. Self-organization in soft matter
  5. Artificial spin ice

Vassilios Kapaklis is the recipient of the 2019 Thuréus prize of the physics and mathematics class of the Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala.

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Vassilios Kapaklis