Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Mathematics, Geometry and Physics

+4618-471 3225+46-70 1679827
Visiting address:
Room ÅNG 14161 Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
Postal address:
Box 480
751 06 UPPSALA

Short presentation

My research area is symplectic and contact topology and my goal is to understand and classify Lagrangian and Legendrian submanifolds. My main methods are pseudoholomorphic curves, pseudoholomorphic foliations, Symplectic Field Theory, and Floer theory. I have a Wallenberg Academy Fellowship supported by the Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation that was granted in 2016 and then prolonged in 2022. I am head of the Mathematics Department since 2020.

Keywords: symplectic geometry and topology contact geometry and topology lagrangian submanifolds legendrian submanifolds floer homology pseudoholomorphic curves symplectic field theory

Here you can find some selected slides from seminars and teaching related to my research.

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Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell