Sebastian Cöllen

Librarian (Leave of Absence) at University Library, Learning and Research Support Division

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Carolina Rediviva, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 1
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Leave of Absence:
2022-08-15 - 2022-12-31

Editor at Department of Modern Languages, German

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Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 L
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Short presentation

Librarian responsible for teaching and supervision of students and researchers. Doctorates in History of Religion and German, where I have been working with medieval material from philological and cognitive linguistic perspectives. Projects in digitisation, cataloguing, and research on 'alba amicorum', mainly from the 17th century. Engaged in questions concerning materiality and digitisation. Participant in the project By Gustav's Hand. Editorial Officer in the journal Studia Neophilologica.

Keywords: philology metaphors stammbücher old norse mythology


Since 2020, I am a librarian at the Learning and Research Support Division, Uppsala University Library, where I am responsible for i.a. teaching and supervision of students and researchers.

Research projects

In 2019, I worked with the research and cataloguing project ‘Gottfried Schröers stambok (Y 131): Textuella strategier för självstilisering hos 1600-talets svenska adel’ at Uppsala University Library, focusing on 16th century Swedish nobility in the lib­rary’s collection of alba amicorum. Founded by Tersmedens stiftelse.

In 2018, I was a collaborator in the project ‘Digitization and cataloguing of the alba amicorum at Uppsala University Library’, where I deciphered, catalogued and created authority records for handwritten books, mainly in Latin and German, from the 17th century.


My PhD thesis in German Language and Literature (2018) at the Department of Modern Languages at Uppsala University analyses, in a cognitive linguistic framework, how meaning is created through metaphor in medieval texts by the German poet Frauenlob.

My PhD thesis in History of Religions (2011) at the Department of Theology at Uppsala University investigates, through philology, text criticism, and an historical approach, the role and function of the Old Norse god Heimdallr in the textual contexts and the wider mythological tradition.

Teaching and supervision

Teaching and supervision in information retrieval, source criticism, and reference management at Uppsala University Library 2020–. Teaching in German 2015–2018, teaching and thesis supervision in History of Religion 2006–2011.

Didactic courses

Several didactic courses, including didactics and communication in libraries, archives, and museums, language didactics, didactics for university teachers, and supervision of student theses.


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See also:

My current interests include the "aura" concept of Walter Benjamin, learning and materiality, and the role and function of the 17th century alba amicorum in the construction of ones social persona.

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Sebastian Cöllen