Jonathan Hall

Researcher at Department of Peace and Conflict Research

+4618-471 7596
Visiting address:
Gamla Torget 3, 1tr
753 20 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

My work lies at the crossroads of political science, psychology and economics. I use natural experiments, field experiments and surveys in naturalistic settings to study the psychology of cooperation and conflict. I lead the Uppsala Peace Lab, a programme on experimental peace and conflict research:

Manuscripts under review / in-progress

  1. Hall, J., Skoog, E., & Vassiliou, P. The impact of war exposure on morality: Evidence from the Battle of Mosul. R&R at Journal of Conflict Resolution.
  2. Hall, J. Trauma and intergroup trust: The importance of post-war conditions. R&R at Journal of Peace Research.
  3. Dulić, T., & Hall, J. Exploring the logics of mass killing: Comparing the spatial distribution of mass violence against civilians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1941–45/1992–95. R&R at Genocide Studies and Prevention.
  4. Gredebäck, G., Lindskog, M., & Hall, J. Poor maternal mental health is associated with a lower degree of proactive control in refugee children.
  5. Whitt, S., Hall, J., Aronson, J., Mironova, V., Huth, P., & Walsh, J. I. Power-sharing versus power-grabbing in the aftermath of insurgent violence: Evidence from public opinion in Mosul, Iraq. HiCN Working Paper Series 2021 (354).
  6. Thompson, P. O, Hall, J., & Walsh, J. I. Information, Anxiety, and Persuasion: Analyzing Return Intentions of Displaced Persons. HiCN Working Paper Series 2021 (362).
  7. Hall, J., Kerschbamer, R., Neururer, D., & Skoog, E. Uncovering sophisticated discrimination with the help of credence goods markups – evidence from a natural field experiment. Working Paper No. 2019-11. Working Papers in Economics and Statistics, University of Innsbruck.
  8. Thompson, P. O, Hall, J., & Walsh, J. I. Threat, empathy, and acceptance of forcibly displaced persons.
  9. Ortiz-Ayala, A., & Hall, J. Colombian soldiers ́ willingness to protect civilians: A field experiment.
  10. Hall, J., Nordenving, S., & Vassiliou, P. Exposure to ingroup versus outgroup violence, empathy and altruism in intergroup conflicts.
  11. Döring, S., & Hall, J. The long-term effects of drought on parochial altruism.
  12. Hall, J., & Whitt, S. Examining other-regarding preferences through a novel behavioral experiment: Partisan preferences in the Equality Equivalency Test in the United States.
  13. Walsh, J. I., Hall, J., Whitt, S., Ellsworth, T., Aronson, J., Mironova, V., & Huth, P. Do expectations about post-war reconstruction foster cooperation? Evidence from an experiment in Mosul.
  14. Ellsworth, T., Hall, J., & Walsh, J.I. A selective return: Parochial altruism and the return intentions of refugees in Turkey.
  15. Walsh, J. I., Aronson, J., Hall, J., & Huth, P. Information, agency, and return intentions: Evidence from displacement following the Battle for Mosul.
  16. Hall, J., Skoog, E., & Karakus, D.C. When does kindness follow cruelty? The impact of social categorization on altruism in war-affected communities.
  17. Hall, J., Neururer, D., & Kerschbamer, R. The effects of sectarian warfare on the distributional preferences of refugees in Turkey.

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Jonathan Hall