Stina Syvänen

Professor at Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Molecular Geriatrics / Rudbeck laboratory

+4618-471 3405
Visiting address:
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 20
Postal address:
751 85 Uppsala

Our research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms behind Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. We have generated antibodies that bind specifically to different forms of Aβ or α-synuclein. Some of the antibodies have also been modified to bind the transferrin receptor (TfR), which is normally involved in iron transport into the brain. The interaction with TfR works like a molecular Trojan horse, which transports the antibody into the brain, where it can bind to its target. This modification increases antibody brain concentration up to 100-fold. These bispecific antibodies have been explored as novel PET radioligands and as immunotherapeutics.

In parallel with the development of brain penetrant antibodies we study changes in the blood-brain barrier (BBB) during neurodegeneration. We also use small molecule PET radioligands to investigate pathology in the ageing brain focusing mainly on protein deposits, neuroinflammation and synaptic dysfunction.


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Stina Syvänen