Ragnar Hedlund

Chief curator at Uppsala University Museum

+4618-471 1722
Mobile phone:
+46 70 2517067
Visiting address:
Akademigatan 3

Postal address:
753 10 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Senior curator at Gustavianum and keeper of coins at Uppsala university coin cabinet. Researcher in classics and numismatics focusing on the Roman imperial age. Also engaged in studies of museums and collections, the uses of history and cultural heritage.

Keywords: numismatik museer romarriket antiken

My research is focusing on Roman history and archaeology, and in my research i have focused on visual arts, monumental architecture and the formation of "propaganda". Especially, What can visual arts and monuments tell us of the relations between the provinces and the Roman imperal power? Can the visual arts tell us about any kind of "ideology" in the Roman Mediterranean empire and, if yes, how such a concept develops? Ultimately, this research touches upon issues of the development of state-ideology not least in totalitarian states, and how such states are sustained.

Since may years I have participated in the Swedish excavations in Labraunda in southwestern Turkey, www.labraunda.org

In my capacity as a numismatist and curator for Uppsala University Coin Cabinet I also have an interest in the history of collections and museums, and the development of classical studies in the modern age, for instance in Swedish 19th-century schools.

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Ragnar Hedlund