Maria Rosén

PhD student at Department of Education

Visiting address:
von Kraemers allé 1 A
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 2136
750 02 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Maria Rosén is a PhD student in Education since 2017. Her project is on the ambivalences of juridification as a process of democratization of education, with the legislation on discrimination and degrading treatment as an empirical focus. Rosén is doing her research within the fields of philosophy of education, curriculum theory and education policy.

Keywords: political theory democratic struggles democratic education juridification ambivalence philosophy of education education policy curriculum theory critical research

Rosén is a member of the research groups Studies in Educational Policy and Educational Philosophy, Uppsala University and Education and Democracy, Örebro University. She is also a member of the Nordic Society of Philosophy of Education and the Nordic Curriculum Research Network, as well as the International Network of Philosophers of Education. Currently, Rosén is on the Editorial Board of the research journal Utbildning & Demokrati - tidskrift för didaktik och utbildningspolitik (, and a doctoral board member of the Reserach Committee at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Uppsala University. During 2018-2020 Rosén was a doctoral board member of the Swedish Educational Research Association (SWERA) and president of SWERA's doctoral council.

Prior to her appointment to Uppsala University, Rosén has had postions as a lecturer at Södertörn´s college, Stockholm Institute of Education and Uppsala University. Furthermore, she has for example worked as an expert at the Swedish National Agency for Education and as an education coordinator at the Equality Ombudsman.

Rosén is interested in educational philosophical, curriculum theoretical and didactical (art of teaching) issues concerning the ethical and political dimensions of democracy and education, broadly. She is particularly interested in the ambivalences, the contradictions and conflicts that democracy aspects and values ​​often contain - and how these are played out in the concrete classroom, in relation to different contexts and (legal) policy conditions. It can, for example, be about hurtful speech and the formal and informal agreements on what could and should be expressed in the public space of education. Overall, Rosén's research interests concerns education in relation to society, and she explores her reserach questions by combining critical perspectives with sensitivity and curiousity.

A current research interest, and the focus of the PhD project, is the changing legal discourse in education and the many different educational and complex questions it generates. In her project Rosén explores the ambivalences of juridification in relation to a democratic education, with the legislation on discrimination and degrading treatment as an empirical focus. The dissertation, which will consist of three different articles and a thesis kappa, is planned to be defended in early 2023. For more information, see Publications.

Rosén is associated to the project (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, P21-0148) What happens with education when the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child becomes law?, with the reserachers Andreas Bergh, Emma Arneback, Tomas Englund and Lotta Lerwall.

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Maria Rosén