Asif Shahzad

Post doctoral at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Solid State Physics

Visiting address:
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Postal address:
Box 35
751 03 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Asif Shahzad received his Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Kyungpook National University, Korea in 2020. Currently, he is working with Prof. Tapati Sarkar as a SOEB Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Solid State Physics Divison, Material Science and Engineering Department, Angstrom laboratories, Uppsala. He has worked on 2D MXene nanomaterials synthesis and their applications in Enverional pollutant remediation.

Keywords: nanomaterials environment department of material science and engineering wastewater treatment mxene environmental material

Asif's current research interests comprise the design and synthesis of advanced low-dimensional magnetic nanomaterials and their applications in Energy and the Environment especially the adsorption of emerging micropollutants present in the environment. His main research area is 2D transition metal carbide/nitrides MXene, where he has studied, e.g., the Synthesis and application of MXene in emerging organic/inorganic pollutant removal via adsorption and photocatalysis means—further, understating the binding mechanisms of Heavy metal interactions with 2D MXene-based composite materials

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Asif Shahzad