Caroline Agrillo

PhD student at Department of Organismal Biology, Environmental Toxicology

Visiting address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum EBC, Norbyv. 18A
Postal address:
Norbyv. 18A
752 36 UPPSALA

Short presentation

PhD student in the EpiTox group, focusing on toxicology during the early development of the nervous system. Studies the effect of synthetic chemicals in ENDpoiNTs, PARC and RE-MEND and pre-validates a method to test the toxicity of chemicals to the nervous system.

My projects range from increased knowledge about exposure and the effect of chemicals, to method optimization in order to better test the potential negative effects of chemicals on the nervous system, mainly during early development.

Keywords: in vitro epigenetics developmental biology toxicology neurodevelopment endocrine disruptors dna methylation environment

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Caroline Agrillo