Tina Angerer

Researcher at Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Research; Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Visiting address:
Room BMC B5:2 Husargatan 3

Postal address:
Box 591
751 24 UPPSALA

Tina studied molecular biology as a joint study program between the University of Salzburg and the Johannes Keppler University in Linz (Austria) where she graduated in 2012.
She received her Ph.D from Gothenburg University (Sweden) in 2017 and went on to do a 3 year Postdoc at the University of Washington (USA), working on ToF-SIMS mass spectrometry imaging on bio-medical samples. She worked as a researcher at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology for 2 years, developing ambient mass spectrometry imaging techniques. Currently, she works at Uppsala University as a researcher in the group of Per Andrén developing DSI-MRM imaging applications for drugs and metabolites.

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Tina Angerer