Otilia Björndahl Joao

Student at Buildings Division, Unit for environment and physical work environment

Visiting address:
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 7/von Kraemers allé 2

Postal address:
Box 256
751 05 Uppsala

Short presentation

Leading the development of The Campus Garden, a part of Uppsala university's environmental work. A community permaculture garden at Villavägen 14. A place for cultivating relationships, crops and reflection - where sustainable development is practiced.

Keywords: climate change ansvar networks projektledning samverkan environmental issues critical thinking cultural practice aktiv studentmedverkan active student participation community-based interventions public space pedagogik resilience creative work knowledge production biodiversity analys sustainable development hållbarhet social theory inkludering place gardening interdisciplinarity discourse analysis intersectionality moral responsibility hållbar utveckling empowerment miljöarbete miljö norm-critical design makt social ontologies projektassistent civil society climate change leadership equity soil documentation sociology communication for social change klimatmål hållbar stadsutveckling social sustainability sociologi power attitude land use embodied cognition critical discourse analysis samordning delaktighet praktik ecology kunskapsproduktion communications social hållbarhet environment food systems collective action collective learning meaningmaking exploration interdisciplinary local food systems campus garden permakultur permaculture

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