Öznur Karakas

Postdoctoral position at Centre for Gender Research

Mobile phone:
+46 54 54851594+46 70 2942735
Visiting address:
Villavägen 6
752 36 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 527
751 20 Uppsala

Short presentation

Oznur Karakas is a postdoctoral researcher working on e-science from STS perspective with an emphasis on gender, collaboration and disciplinary boundaries. Having earned master’s degrees in philosophy at Galatasaray University and then at Toulouse and Prague Charles Universities as part of the Europhilosophie program, Karakas obtained the title of PhD at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Department of Information and Knowledge Society, Internet Interdisciplinary Studies.

Oznur Karakas holds master`s degrees in Philosophy at the University of Galatasaray, University of Toulouse-Jean Jaures and Prague Charles University. She completed her PhD studies at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Department of Information and Knowledge, Internet Interdisciplinary Studies). She is currently employed as a postdoc research at Uppsala University, Center for Gender Research to work on gender mainstreaming in e-SSENCE platform. Her main research interests include science and technology studies, technofeminism, social movement studies and philosophy.

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Öznur Karakas