Elliot Mason

PhD student at Department of English

+4618-471 1267
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 L

Postal address:
Box 527
751 20 Uppsala

Short presentation

I am a Marxist critical theorist with interests in value-form theory, feminist care, contemporary poetry, and black studies. My articles are widely published in journals including Textual Practice, Interfere, Women's Studies, and the Journal of Italian Philosophy. I am the author of two books: The Instagram Archipelago: Race, Gender, and the Lives of Dead Fish (Zero, 2022), and Building Black: Towards Antiracist Architecture (punctum, 2022).

Keywords: poetics contemporary poetry marxism value-form theory

Within the academy, I write about poetry through a Marxist-feminist critical framework. Beyond the institution, I have been involved in many group projects - including workshops, exhibitions, protests, and talks.

I am the co-editor, with Valentina Moro, of Judith Butler and Marxism: The Radical Feminism of Performativity, Vulnerability, and Care (Rowman & Littlefield, 2025), and the editor of a South Atlantic Quarterly special issue dossier on organizing care in Sweden (Vol 124:1, 2025). My articles include: 'The Cat Who Questions My Humanity: On Animals and Philosophy', Journal of Critical Animal Studies (2023); 'Phillis Wheatley Peters' Fugitive Poetics of Freedom', Textual Practice (2022); 'Thing: A Fugitive In( )Operation', The Journal of Italian Philosophy (2020).

A full list of publications is available on my website: https://pennydropscollective.org/

I am the author of two collections of poetry and two nonfiction books. They are:

The Instagram Archipelago: Race, Gender, and the Lives of Dead Fish (Zero Books, September 2022; trade nonfiction)

Building Black: Towards Antiracist Architecture (Punctum Books, January 2022; academic monograph)

Materials for Building a City (Marble Books, 2021; poetry pamphlet)

City Embers (Death of Workers Whilst Building Skyscrapers Press, 2020; poetry and essay collection)

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Elliot Mason