Linda Eggertsen

Researcher at Department of Earth Sciences, Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Visiting address:
Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3
SE-621 57 Visby
Postal address:
Uppsala universitet, Campus Gotland
SE-621 67 Visby

Short presentation

My research focus on ecology of reef fishes. I am interested in the functional roles of reef fishes on reef ecosystems and links between ecosystems in the coastal seascape. Specifically, I have been studying how nursery habitats such as mangroves and seagrass have effects on the fish community structure on reefs through ontogenetic migrations. Seagrass ecosystems and management of the coastal zone also interests me.


Lucena MB, Mendes TC, Barbosa C, Cordeiro CAMM, Eggertsen LM, Ferreira CEL (2021) Does the colors of light matter ? Testing different light color in nocturnal underwater visual censuses. Mar Environ Res 166:105261

Eggertsen L, Goodell W, Cordeiro CAMM, Mendes TC, Longo GO, Ferreira CEL, Berkström C (2020) Seascape Configuration Leads to Spatially Uneven Delivery of Parrotfish Herbivory across a Western Indian Ocean Seascape. Diversity 12

Eggertsen M, Chacin DH, Lier J Van, Eggertsen L, Fulton CJ, Wilson S, Halling C, Berkström C (2020) Seascape Configuration and Fine-Scale Habitat Complexity Shape Parrotfish Distribution and Function across a Coral Reef Lagoon. Diversity 12

Berkström C, Eggertsen L, Goodell W, Cordeiro C, Bouças M, Gustafsson R, Bandeira S, Jiddawi N, Ferreira C (2020). Thresholds in seascape connectivity: the spatial arrangement of nursery habitats structure fish communities on nearby reefs. Ecography 43:882–896

Fulton C, Berkström C, Wilson S, Abesamis R, Bradley M, Åkerlund C, Barrett L, Bucol A, Chacin D, Chong-Seng K, Coker D, Depczynski M, Eggertsen L, Eggertsen M, Ellis D, Evans R, Graham N, Hoey A, Holmes T, Kulbicki M, Leung P, Lam P, van Lier J, Matis P, Noble M, Pérez-Matus A, Piggott C, Radford B, Tano S, Tinkler P (2020). Macroalgal meadow habitats support fish and fisheries in diverse tropical seascapes. Fish and fisheries 21:700–717

Eggertsen L, Ferreira CEL, Fontoura L, Kautsky N, Gullström M, Berkström C (2017). Seaweed beds support more juvenile reef fish than seagrass beds in a south-western Atlantic tropical seascape. Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 196:97–108

Eggertsen L, Hammar L, Gullström M (2016). Effects of tidal current-induced flow on reef fish behavior and function on a subtropical rocky reef. Marine Ecology Progress Series 559:175-192

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Linda Eggertsen