Lotte Horikx

PhD student at Department of Business Studies, PhD Students

Visiting address:
Campus Gotland
Cramérgatan 3
SE-62157 Visby
Postal address:
Uppsala universitet
Campus Gotland
SE-62167 Visby

Short presentation

The focus of my PhD studies will be on sustainable consumer decision-making, namely looking at how consumers process and use different kinds of information, both before and during grocery shopping, and how digital systems can aid them in making more sustainable choices. The needs and beliefs of the consumer are given centre stage in this research, which will provide a better understanding of what drives consumers to make sustainable choices, consciously or unconsciously.

Keywords: sustainable development consumer behaviour and decision-making sustainable behaviour

Prior to my PhD position, I obtained a B.A. in Business and Economics from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I continued at the University of Amsterdam and went on to complete my first M.Sc. in Strategy, after which I moved to Sweden to obtain my second M.Sc. in Sustainable Management at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. My interests have always resided in the more intangible and complex subjects, in particular sustainability, individual decision-making and behaviour, and gender issues. I therefore consider myself very fortunate to be allowed to work on such fascinating and important topics within my own interdisciplinary PhD project (Digital Innovation for Sustainable Consumption (DISCO)), in the hopes of making my own contribution towards a more sustainable future.

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Lotte Horikx