Oleksandra Khalaim

Researcher at Department of Women's and Children's Health, Swedesd - Sustainability Learning and Research Centre

Visiting address:
MTC-huset, Dag Hammarskjöldsväg 14B, 1 tr
75237 Uppsala
Postal address:
Akademiska sjukhuset
751 85 Uppsala

Short presentation



Oleksandra Khalaim, PhD, is graduated in Economics (2006), master’s degree in Economics (2007), master’s degree in Environmental Sciences (2010), and Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences (2018). She has been teaching in the field of Ecology and Sustainable Development for 13 years in universities of Ukraine and Sweden. Her current research interests include education for sustainable development, climate change education and transformative learning methods in higher education, climate change adaptation and management of urban green areas. Oleksandra has been conducting a line of post-doctoral research since September 2019 at SWEDESD. Currently she is undertaking a research on climate and mental health among staff and students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. She is also coordinating an educational project “While playing to change the world: theater and gaming techniques in sustainability teaching” at Campus Gotland and hosting a new ENLIGHT course “Adapting to Climate Change: Ecosystem Services of Urban Green Zones”.

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Oleksandra Khalaim