Malin Tväråna

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Education

+4618-471 2464
Visiting address:
von Kraemers allé 1 A
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 2136
750 02 Uppsala

Short presentation

PhD of Teaching and Learning with specialisation in Social Sciences Education. I teach social science/social studies and civics education, as well as didactic theory and methods.

My research focuses civics and citizenship education, the role of subjectification and agency in critical thinking and democracy, and education development research. I have particular methodological interest in Phenomenography and Variation theory, Activity theory and Design research.

  • Project leader of the project "Is a picture worth a thousand words? Visual literacy in social studies".
  • Network leader of the Stockholm Teaching and Learning Studies network for social studies.
  • Participant in the project General and subject-specific approaches to digital source criticism in social studies, history, biology, psychology and photographic images.
  • Board member of the Association for Teaching Development Research in sweden.
  • Chair and Editorial board member of the journal Skola och Samhälle [School and society].

Leader of the network for social science/social studies subjects at Stockholm Teaching and Learning Study where we run a research project on Visual representations in social science education, funded by the national ULF project for the development of research collaboration between academia and schools.

I am also involved in an interdisciplinary project on source criticism and source fidelity, funded by the School Research Institute.

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Malin Tväråna