Jakob Westergren

PhD student at Department of Business Studies, PhD Students

+4618-471 1739
Visiting address:
Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, ingång C
751 20 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

Keywords: organizational identity organization upper secondary school competition commodification

I am a PhD student of organization studies at the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University. Prior to commencing my PhD I undertook studies at Lund University, Malmö University, Kristianstad University (Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration), California Lutheran University, Uppsala University (Master's Degree in International Business), and University of Melbourne.

My research interests revolve around organizational identity, commodification, and competition in the context of Swedish upper secondary schools. I am supervised by Professor Stefan Arora-Jonsson, Professor Maria Blomgren, and Professor Henrik Dellestrand. The research is funded by the Swedish Research School of Management and IT (MIT).

Other academic activities and initiatives:

  • Reviewer for the OMT and CMS divisions at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston.
  • Recipient of the best reviewer award at the MIT Spring Conference 2021 at Linnaeus University, Kalmar.
  • Presenter at the 2023 Quality in Education conference at Stockholm School of Economics.
  • Initiator of higher seminars at Uppsala University on the topics of "Wonderless research" (presented by Peter Svensson from Lund University) and "Night(work) and organizations" (presented by Monika Müller from Lund University)
  • Participant in the 2023 EGOS pre-colloquium PhD workshop in Cagliari (Italy), and the 2023 Ontology, Action, and Worldmaking Art workshop in Gattières (France) run by the SSE Art Initiative.

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Jakob Westergren