Laura Singh

Researcher at Department of Psychology, Emotion Psychology

+4618-471 2118
Visiting address:
Von Kraemers allé 1A och 1C
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 1225
751 42 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I am a researcher at the Emotional Mental Imagery Lab at the Department of Psychology and a Thunberg Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study. In my research, I investigate the neural mechanisms of emotional memory, mental imagery and optimism, translating findings from basic science to clinical application . Within mental health science I take an interdisciplinary perspective bridging pre-clinical science with clinical psychology to advance psychological treatment innovation.

I obtained my PhD in 2018 at the Department of Psychology, University of Bern, Switzerland, working with Professor Tatjana Aue. During my PhD I completed a 3-months research stay at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, working with Professor Erno Hermans. Prior to joining the Emotional Mental Imagery Lab (EMIL) at Uppsala University with an Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, I worked with Professor Emily Holmes as a postdoctoral researcher at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

MSc (Psychology) University of Giessen, Germany
BSc (Psychology) University of Giessen, Germany

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Laura Singh