Eva Charlotta Helsdotter

Researcher at Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism

Visiting address:
Engelska parken
Thunbergsvägen 3C, vån 3 hus 22

Postal address:
Box 511
751 20 Uppsala

Short presentation

Eva Charlotta Helsdotter has a PhD in Land and Water Resources Management and is an Associate Professor in Water Security. She has been an international research leader in land and water related research, e.g. in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Kenya and Tanzania and in national environmental and sustainability projects. She has investigated drinking water supplies and designed protection needed to ensure good water quality. The last ten years she has been involved in research projects in Sápmi.

Keywords: climate change water water resources gis soil land and water management

Co-researcher in the following projects:

2020-2021 Pandemic in the (sub) Arctic North: A supra- and crossdisciplinary data collection on experiences, resilience and social mobilisation during the Covid19 pandemic focusing on Norrbotten county. FORMAS Dnr 2020-02706. 3,089 MSEK.

2019-2022 Living without oil?! Rethinking relations with lands and waters with Indigenous Land Based Expertise for a transition towards a fossil free welfare society, FORMAS Dnr 2019-01975, 7,5 MSEK within the Swedish National Research Programme on Climate

2017-2022 Dálkke: Indigenous Climate Change Studies FORMAS Dnr 2017-01923, 8, 933 MSEK, within the Swedish National Research Programme on Climate

Earlier projects are amongst other:

2017-2019 FORMAS, future research leaders: Safe and Sustainable Energy Futures in Sápmi: Assumptions and Actions, Visions and Decisions. 2 997 MSEK

2010-12 Swedish Research Council. DAMMED: Security, risk and resilience around the dams of Sub Arctica. 4, 339 MSEK.

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Eva Charlotta Helsdotter