Charlotte Lunden

PhD student at Department of Medical Sciences, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Visiting address:
Akademiska sjukhuset, ingång 10

Postal address:
Akademiska sjukhuset, ingång 10, plan
751 85 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Charlotte Lundén is a clinical psychologist, lic. psychotherapist and doctoral student in children and adolescent psychiatry. Her research is about internet based CBT for adolescents with co-morbid insomnia within children and adolescent psychiatry with Vendela Zetterqvist as supervisor. Charlotte har previously participated in clinical studies on internet based CBT for social phobia and within behavioral medicine. Charlotte also works with young adults as a clinical psychologist.

This paragraph is not available in English, therefore the Swedish version is shown.

Mitt forskningsområde är internetbaserad KBT vid komorbid insomni inom barn och ungdomspsykiatri med Vendela Zetterqvist som handledare. Tidigare har jag även medverkat i kliniska studier inom beteendemedicin och vid social fobi. Jag arbetar även som klinisk psykolog för unga vuxna.

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Charlotte Lunden