Mattias Pape Rosenfeldt

PhD student at Department of Theology, Empirical-Practical Studies of Religion and Theology

Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 B
Postal address:
Box 511
751 20 UPPSALA

My PhD project is investigating the organization and content of liberal and progressive Islamic theologies in Scandinavia. The project is looking into contemporary activist Muslim environments in order to assess the theological ideas and developments in the organization among liberal Muslims and the institutionalization of liberal worldviews in these circles.

Scientifically the project contributes to our sparse empirical knowledge of liberal and progressive Islamic movements in our region. Secondly it contributes to the ongoing epistemological dialogue on how to study theology. Thirdly it aims at contributing to the development of methodological approaches, combining sociological and theological approaches to the study of religious activism.

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Mattias Pape Rosenfeldt