Siv-Britt Björktomta

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of social work, Faculty

+4618-471 7804
Mobile phone:
+46 70 4250861
Visiting address:
Engelska parken
Thunbergsvägen 3H

Postal address:
Box 624
751 26 UPPSALA

Keywords: barn och familj hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck våld i nära relationer socionomers professionsidentitet

Siv-Britt Björktomta was awarded a PhD in Social Work at Gothenburg University in 2012. Her thesis: About Patriarchy, resistance and breaking up - young girls´movement in social spaces. She has been a Senior Lecturer in social work at Department of Social Work, Stockholm University and a researcher at FoU Nordväst, Sollentuna. Since 2016 she is senior lecturer at Departement of Sociology, as from the turn of the year 2017/18 she is director for Centre for Social Work (CESAR).

Dr. Björktomta has long experiences in teaching social work in subjects connected to her research areas, furthermore, about qualitative research methods and about professional skills for social workers.

She is a member of the research group Welfare and Life-course.

Björktomta´s research deals mainly with children and young people concerning different aspects of family relations. The research focusing specially the use of parental authority/power and different forms of violence. A new research area, under development, is digital society and social welfare services attitudes towards social media. The digital age implies an increased use of social media which challenge social workers’ meetings with children and young people. The social dynamics of digital society needs to be a part when the society´s lay down the general outlines concerning children´s and young people´s psychosocial health.

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Siv-Britt Björktomta