Jezzica Israelsson

PhD student at Department of History

+4618-471 7043
018-471 1528
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 A

Postal address:
Box 628
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

My primary research interests lie within the field of social and legal history, and I am particularly intrigued by how women and men defended their rights during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the effects these individual actions could have for larger developments in society. I write my dissertation within the Gender and Work project (

  • PhD student since 2017
  • Master of Arts, Early Modern History in Northern Europe, Uppsala University, (2016)
    • Master thesis: In consideration of my meagre circumstances. The language of poverty as a tool for ordinary people in early modern Sweden
  • Bachelor of Arts, Uppsala University (2014)
    • Bachelor thesis: Arbete på Stockholms spinnhus. En plats för kontroll och ordning inom ramen för en hushållsmodell
  • Work as a lawyer (jurist) at a court and a lawfirm (2009-2014)
  • Master of Laws, Uppsala University (2009), including one year in Strasbourg, France

Other academic qualifications

  • Participant at the European Association for Urban History 13th International Conference on Urban History, “Reinterpreting Cities”, Helsinki University (2016)
    • Paper presented: For I willingly acknowledge the debt and have never denied to pay it. Widows, wives and single women as creditors and debtors in 18th century Uppsala.

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Jezzica Israelsson