Gita Berg

PhD student at Department of food studies, nutrition and dietetics

+4618-471 2315
018-471 2261
Visiting address:
Husargatan 3
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 560
751 22 UPPSALA

Short presentation

My doctoral project explores teaching and learning about food and health in Home- and consumer studies (HCS). With a pragmatist approach and through the use of qualitative research methods such as observations and stimulated recall-interviews, I study meaning making processes in the HCS-classroom.

I am a part of UpRiSE - Uppsala Research School in Subject Education

Main supervisor: Prof. Ylva Mattsson Sydner

Supervisors: Eva Lundqvist

I am a registered dietitian, upper secondary school teacher and currently a PhD student focusing on home and consumer studies education. My research interests concern food in a learning context, food literacy and critical perspectives on health education.

Academic degrees and titles:

B.S. Dietetics (Uppsala University)

M.S. Food Science and Nutrition (Uppsala University)

B.S. Upper Secondary Education (Stockholm University)

B.A. Dance Pedagogy (Stockholm University of the arts)

Registered Dietitian (leg. dietist)

Registered Teacher, upper secondary school (leg. lärare)

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Gita Berg