Carl Montan

PhD student at Department of Philosophy, Theoretical Philosophy; Affiliated

+4618-471 7387
Visiting address:
Room EP 2-2078 Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 H
Postal address:
Box 627
751 26 UPPSALA

PhD Student in Theoretical Philosophy since September 2015 and member of PhD-net.

My research concerns self-knowledge, i.e. a subject’s knowledge of her own thoughts. The research divides into two main branches: the first has to do with problems concerning content and knowledge of content, such as these problems appear as consequences of foundational or meta-semantical inquiry. The other has to do with the epistemological question regarding introspective justification.

Besides self-knowledge, I have broad interests in the philosophy of language and mind, the philosophy of action and perception and the history of philosophy (especially Spinoza and Kant).

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Carl Montan