Mette Ginnerskov-Dahlberg

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Education

Visiting address:
von Kraemers allé 1 A
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 2136
750 02 Uppsala

Short presentation

Mette Ginnerskov-Dahlberg is senior lecturer in Sociology of Education at Uppsala University. She is an anthropologist by training and holds a PhD degree in European Studies from Aarhus University. Her work focuses on student flow from Eastern to Western Europe. Specializing in ethnography with a longitudinal methodology, she is particular interested in the lived experience of migration, the link between geographical and social mobility, and the labour market integration of student migrants

My research and newly published book, Student Migration from Eastern to Western Europe (2021), was recently discussed in an article in University World News. See the link below:

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Mette Ginnerskov-Dahlberg