Lakin Anderson

PhD student at Department of Business Studies

+4618-471 1617
Visiting address:
Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, ingång C
751 20 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

Keywords: climate change sustainability sustainable development design management

Through ethnographic study at newly established climate research centers, I focus on the on-the-ground practices of climate scientists as they do science and seek to catalyze social change. My research interest crosses the fields of management & organisation, and science & technology studies.

Before joining the management and organisations research group, I worked for three years with student-driven, interdisciplinary sustainability education at the CEMUS Center for Environment and Development Studies in Uppsala.

I am also a member of CEMUS' doctoral research forum CEFO.

2014-2016 Course Coordinator 'The Global Economy: Environment, Development and Globalisation' at CEMUS, Center for Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

2013-2016 Course Coordinator 'Sustainable Design: Ecology, Culture and Human-Built Worlds' at CEMUS, Center for Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

Guest speaker at KTH Tales From Planet Earth film festival at Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm, April, 2014, on 'Why Sustainability Needs Fiction: Diagetic prototypes and real-world change'.


MSc. Sustainable Development (Uppsala University)

MSc. Environmental Sciences (SLU)

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Lakin Anderson