Julia Nordblad

Associate senior lecturer/Assistant Professor at Department of History of Science and Ideas

+4618-471 5748
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3P

Postal address:
Box 629
751 26 UPPSALA

I work as associate senior lecturer and specialize in the intellectual and political history of the current ecological crisis, especially its temporal aspects. I currently work on two projects. The first examines the political history of the concept of biodiversity. The second examines the history of ecological economics as political thought, 1980–2000.

I earned my PhD in Intellectual History from the Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion, University of Gothenburg in April 2013 with a thesis entitled The Conditions of Equality: Demos, Empire and Pedagogy in Brittany, Tunisia, Torne Valley and Lapland, 1880–1925

I have been a visiting fellow at Sciences Po, Paris (spring 2018), and at EHESS, Paris (spring 2015). I was a visiting scholar at the Department of French and Romance Philology, Columbia University, NYC in 2009/2010.


2017 Kurt Aspelin Foundation Grant (Stipendiet ur Kurt Aspelins minnesfond)

2014 Clio Award (Cliopriset)

2013 Övralid Foundation Kate Bang Award (Stiftelsen Övralids pris till Kate Bangs minne)

2013 Per Nyström Award (Per Nyströms vetenskapspris)

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Julia Nordblad