Nicklas Neuman

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of food studies, nutrition and dietetics

+4618-471 2328
Visiting address:
Husargatan 3
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 560
751 22 UPPSALA

I am Associate Professor (docent) and currently employed as an Associate Senior Lecturer (biträdande universitetslektor) at the Department of Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics (Kostvetenskap). At the moment, my main theoretical interest is to develop a fundamentally biosocial understanding of eating and meal routines, through syntheses of social theory, evolutionary theory and insights from behavioral genetics.

My research areas is the sociology of food and eating, with particular interests in eating behavior, the social regulation of meals and gendered divisions of foodwork (both paid and unpaid). I am primarily experienced in qualitative methods, especially interviews, but with some experience of quantitative work and systematic reviews as well.

My teaching is mostly focused on social scientific aspects of food and eating, but also research ethics, the grading of evidence in human nutrition, supervision and examination of student theses (on bachelor and advanced level) as well as supervision of PhD students (at the moment, I am main supervisor to Amanda Björnwall and co-supervisor to Ansung Kim).

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Nicklas Neuman