Michal Grahn

Researcher at Department of Government, Faculty

+4618-471 5725
Visiting address:
Room GT Gamla Torget 6,6319 Östra Ågatan 19
753 22 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Political scientist within Swedish and comparative politics. My areas of interest include political representation, behavior, gender, and sexuality politics. My work can be found in the European Journal of Political Research, Research & Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Electoral Studies, and other outlets. I serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the Johan Skytte Prize and academic coordinator for the National Research Program on Segregation. Connect with me on Twitter or Bluesky.

Keywords: political representation swedish politics political behaviour sexuality politics gender and politics party politics legislative studies


I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Modern History from the University of Manchester and a Master of Science degree in Political Science from Uppsala University. In May 2019, I earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from Uppsala University. My Ph.D. dissertation is titled "Incumbent Renomination: Accountability and Gender Bias."

Teaching experience

I have accumulated more than 2,000 clock hours of teaching experience, including lectures, seminars, thesis supervision, course creation and coordination, examination, and course evaluation. My teaching interests encompass comparative politics and methodology. Since autumn 2014, I have been teaching in the graduate course in qualitative methods, taking over as head teacher in 2018. In spring 2015, I began teaching in the undergraduate Comparative European Politics course, becoming the head teacher for the course in 2016.

Currently, I teach the following courses:

  • Bachelor's Level: Bachelor's thesis, Comparative European Politics (Head Teacher)
  • Master's Level: Master thesis, Gender, Power and Institutions, and Master Methods (Head Teacher)

Professional service

At present, I am an ordinary member of the Department Board and the Committee for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies (NUGA). I also serve as a Master of Ceremonies for the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science. Between 2021 and 2023, I served as the project manager for the Department of Government's 400-year jubilee celebrations.

I am currently (2023) involved in three research projects.

Strategic inclusion? The promises and pitfalls of diversity initiatives in Swedish party politics

(2020-2023, FORTE).

In this project, we investigate the impact of candidate quotas on the political representation of various social strata. We do so with the help of both register data and survey experiments. Read more.

More rights, more participation? The rights of gays, lesbians and bisexuals and their political engagement in Sweden

(PI, 2023-2026, Swedish Research Council).

In this project, we use Swedish register data to conduct temporal and intersectional analyses of political participation patterns among LGBTQ+ individuals in Sweden. Read more.


Still segregated? Temporal and intersectional analysis of the residential, occupational and political segregation of sexual minorities in Sweden

(PI, 2023-2027, Swedish Research Council).

In this project, we examine the long-term trends in spatial, economic, and political segregation among LGBTQ+ individuals in Sweden, utilizing Swedish register data. Read more.

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Michal Grahn