Rita Peyroteo Stjerna

Researcher at Department of Organismal Biology, Human Evolution

+4618-471 2624
Visiting address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum EBC
Norbyvägen 18 A
Postal address:
Norbyvägen 18 A
752 36 Uppsala

Short presentation

I am a bioarchaeologist specialised in the analysis of human remains and mortuary archaeology, trained in archaeothanatology, ancient DNA, radiocarbon and isotopes.

My main interests are Archaeological Science and History of Archaeology and I have been developing my research by working with archaeological museum collections since 2011 in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

I am the director of the Biomolecular Archaeology course in Uppsala and founding member of the Archaeothanatology Group

Keywords: archaeology adna radiocarbon dating stable isotopes archaeothanatology human remains hunter-gatherers mortuary practices mesolithic neolithic archaeological science

I received my degree in archaeology at the University of Lisbon (2007) and I hold a PhD (2016) in archaeology from Uppsala University that focuses on the role of mortuary ritual practice in Mesolithic hunter-gatherers in south-western Europe, 8000 years ago.

Since 2016, I am a researcher at the Human Evolution Research Program at the Evolutionary Biology Centre in Uppsala, where I have developed protocols for contamination-free sampling of human bones with minimal impact on museum collections.

I am the director of the Biomolecular Archaeology course at Uppsala University and a founding member of the Archaeothanatology Working Group.

I have published on Holocene hunter-gatherers in Iberia and I am currently working in several interdisciplinary projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Rita Peyroteo Stjerna