Jonathan Staaf Scragg

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Solar Cell Technology

+4618-471 3382
Mobile phone:
+46 76 5783052
Visiting address:
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1

Postal address:
Box 35
751 03 UPPSALA

Short presentation

As associate professor in Solar Cell Technology, I divide my time between teaching Masters courses in solar energy and leading research on next-generation optoelectronic materials. My research centers on exploration of robust, abundant materials that could enhance solar cell performance and lifetime while reducing costs. The experimental materials science is supported by first principles theory and, increasingly, automation of physical and analytical processes for better, faster data generation.

Academic merits: Docent in Engineering Science

Keywords: energy materials photovoltaics thin films chalcogenides materials design photoluminescence automation

Bibliometric information

Current Research Team

  • Corrado Comparotto, PhD student, Ultra-stable sulfide perovskites for next generation solar cells
  • Kostiantyn Sopiha - Researcher, First principles modelling of phase diagrams and defects in chalcopyrites, kesterites and perovskites
  • Garima Aggarwal, Postdoc, chalcogenide perovskites for robust tandem solar cells


  • 2022-2026: Swedish Energy Agency, "SOLVE: Solar Electricity Research Center, Sweden" - National center of excellence for research and application of solar electricity (co-Director)
  • 2021-2024: Swedish Energy Agency, "Robust materials for tandem solar cells" (PI)
  • 2018-2022: Swedish Research Council project "From halide to chalcogenide perovskites: experimental and theoretical insights into the new ionically-bonded semiconductor BaZrS3" (PI)
  • 2018-2022: Göran Gustafsson Foundation grant "Materials for silicon-chalcogenide tandem solar cells", (PI)
  • 2016-2021 Co-applicant for SSF grant "Gradient Control in Thin Film Solar Cells" (PI Charlotte Platzer-Björkman)
  • 2013-2017 Swedish Research Council young researcher grant: “Cation disorder in quaternary chalcogenide semiconductors”. (PI)

Distinctions and Awards

  • 2019 Featured in Fokus magazine's "Top 100 Swedish Researchers" "100 top Swedish Researchers in Physics and Engineering" (#54)
  • 2018 Göran Gustafsson "large" Young Researcher Prize
  • 2016 Oscar Prize for scientific writing (Uppsala University) - read more
  • 2010 Ph.D. thesis received award from scientific publisher Springer, and was re-published in the book series “Springer Theses: Recognising Outstanding Ph.D. Research” (ISBN: 978


  • Bachelor & Master’s Degrees: University of Cambridge, UK (2005): Natural Sciences
  • PhD: University of Bath, UK. (2010): Physical Chemistry. “Studies of Cu2ZnSnS4 films prepared by sulfurisation of electrodeposited precursors”

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Jonathan Staaf Scragg