Melina Malafry

Researcher at Department of Law, Professors, Instructors, Researchers

Visiting address:
Trädgårdsgatan 1 och 20, Västra Ågatan 26

Postal address:
Box 512
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Researcher in Environmental Law (2023 - ). Teaching Environmental Law at Faculty of Law, Ångströms and SLU. Course director for the course Environmental law 7,5 hp at the Bachelor's Programme in Land Management.

I am currently doing research in a wide range of topics related to energy- and environmental law and participate in two research projects:

  • RECO – “Law, Sustainable Energy Use and the Protection of Cultural Heritage”. An interdisciplinary project financed by the Swedish Energy Agency (2019 – 2022). See more:

  • MEDVIND – An interdisciplinary project about sustainable off shore wind power. Financed by Vindval, SEPA and the Swedish Energy Agency (2019–2021).

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Melina Malafry