Arild Husby

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Ecology and Genetics, Evolutionary Biology

+4618-471 4120
Visiting address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt Centrum
Norbyvägen 18D
752 36 UPPSALA
Postal address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum
Norbyvägen 18D
752 36 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I have broad interests in the fields of ecological genetics and genomics, but am particularly interested in how changing environmental conditions impact genetic variation.

Keywords: evolutionary biology quantitative genetics phenotypic plasticity ecological genomics dna methylation wing polyphenism

2022 - Associate professor/Senior lecturer, Uppsala University

2018 - : Associate Senior Lecturer, Uppsala University

2014-2017: Assistant Professor, Helsinki University

2012-2014: Senior researcher, NTNU, Norway

2010-2012: Post doc Uppsala University

2006-2010: Marie Curie PhD, university of Edinburgh

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Arild Husby