Sara Lind

Senior faculty administrator at Faculty Offices, Office for Science and Technology; Faculty Administration, Education and Staff Recruitment Unit

+4618-471 5345
Mobile phone:
+46 72 9999606
Visiting address:
Segerstedthuset, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 7
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 256
751 05 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Senior faculty administrator at Office for Science and Technology.

Academical merits: FD, Docent

Keywords: analytical chemistry proteomics posttranslational modifications internationalisering avtal international master programmes docent i kemi internationella masterprogram forskarutbildning forskarutbildningsadministration

i) Identification of phosphorylation in biological systems. Development and implementation of novel enrichment tools upstream mass spectrometric detection.

ii) Mass spectrometry-based proteomcis of biobanked tissue

iii) Host-pathogen interactions

iV) Adeonovirus proteomics.

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Sara Lind